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  /  Nina Goga

Nina Goga

Nina Goga is Professor of Children’s literature at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and Leader of the research group Nature in Children’s Literature and Culture. Her most recent works are “Ecocritical Engagement with Picturebook through Literature Conversations about Beatrice Alemagne’s On a Magical Do-Nothing Day” (2020, co-written with Maria Pujol-Vals, in Sustainability, 12.18), “Verbal and Visual Informational Strategies in Non-Fiction Books Awarded and Mentioned by the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2009-2019” (2020, in G. Grilli, ed., Non-fiction Picturebooks. Sharing Knowledge as an Aesthetic Experience), and Ecocritical Perspectives on Children’s Texts and Cultures (2018, co-edited with L. Guanio-Uluru, B. Oddrun Hallås & A.  Nyrnes).