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Fostering dialogue – 1st International conference – 19/21 November 2020

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  /  Anna Antoniazzi
Anna Antoniazzi - University of Genoa, Italy

Anna Antoniazzi

Anna Antoniazzi teaches Children’s Literature at University of Genoa. A scholar of cross-media storytelling, her most recent publications include: Raccontiamo ai più piccoli. Libri e media nella prima infanzia (Carocci, 2019), Born to win. Children’s Literature and male models (RPD – Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 2019), Tradition or revolution? The difficult “turning point” in Italian Children’s Literature (Strenæ. Recherches sur les livres et objets culturels de l’enfance, 2018), Masha and the bear. A new educational paradigm (RPD, 2016).