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Research Project

Biography is a literary genre which is increasing in numbers and quality in contemporary children’s literature. In particular, biographical narrations intertwine their traditional structure and style with a reflection on gender equality and environmental consciousness. From one point of view, biography is studied in its chronological development with regards to its contribution to pedagogical history; from the other one, it is deepened in its modern contribution in depicting life-paths which differ from rigid models, with three aims: from an educational perspective, they offer new possibilities of identification and empathy, but, at the same time, they are instruments of knowledge that enable readers to face reality; finally, reading these literary works can also mean to develop a critical and ecological thought.


biography, pedagogical history, gender studies, ecofeminism, nonfiction, biofiction, hybridization



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Zago, G. (2016). Il dizionario come biografia collettiva o prosopografia degli educatori italiani. Società e storia, 151(3), 571-576. ISSN: 0391-6987

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