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The colours of sacred


The international exhibition ‘The colours of the sacred’ has been organized every two years since 2002 by the Museo Diocesano di Padova. Each edition is devoted to a different theme, based on its global significance: traditions, cultures and human values have become the protagonists of an exciting journey, capable of involving the viewer and opening the doors to the emotions and questions that life embodies. Dedicated to children, the Diocesan exhibition of the Museo Diocesano Padova i colori del sacro has also soon conquered the adult audience thanks to the natural and immediate communication power that are contained in the images. The illustrations of the artists featured in ‘The colours of the sacred’ have become a means to learn about cultures, traditions and values different from ours, offering multiple opportunities for dialogue and exchange of ideas.


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Illustrazione © di Emmanuelle Houdart, tratta da E. Houdart, Rifugi, #logosedizioni, 2015