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Pedagogy & Imagination


Pedagogy & Imagination is a new space for pedagogic experimentation, dedicated to children’s literature, introduced by the Exhibition Le immagini della fantasia in Sarmede. It is a small autarchic place where children can travel along literary and visual paths that stimulate the imagination, a faculty that is typically human. This faculty plays a fundamental role in our life: it is a special corner in our mind that allows us to create images of invisible and unintelligible things. It was designed as a small literary garden where visitors can observe exotic and unusual books, poetic books that narrate the oddities of human nature and scientific books that tell us about the extraordinary lives of animals, nature, and our closeness to them. The aim is to encourage interest in children’s literature and, most importantly, entice the imagination of children and adults alike.


Ideation & Concept of Exhibitions on Children’s Literature

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Illustrazioni © di Emmanuelle Houdart, tratta da E. Houdart, Rifugi, #logosedizioni, 2015; di Noemi Vola, tratta da N. Vola, Un orso sullo stomaco, Corraini, 2017; di Gèrard DuBois, tratta da G. DuBois, La collezione di Joey, Orecchio Acerbo, 2019; di Noemi Vola, tratta da N. Vola, Chiedi a tuo padre… e altre frasi misteriose degli adulti, Corraini, 2018.