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  /    /  Book Exhibition – Biography
Biography in Children's Literature

Book Exhibition - Biography


“Biography in Children’s Literature” is a book exhibition designed in close cooperation with Biblioteca Beato Pellegrino to celebrate the 800-Year Anniversary of the University of Padova and the 60-Year Anniversary from the institution of the Children’s Literature Section. Featuring a wide selection of children’s biographies from the Sixties to the present day, it also includes an extended selection of original books on the topic of politics and social activism, arts and gender roles in children’s science biographies.

It aims to shed a new light on this literary genre which includes different narrative languages: illustrated novels, short stories, picturebooks, comics, graphic novels, even poetry attest a rich and multifaceted approach to people’s lives.

If XX century works were focused on providing children and young adults with fixed role-models, contemporary research emphasises a shift in children’s books towards a more innovative, historical, literary and interdisciplinary approach, which also offers meaningful messages about environmental and social activism.


Ideation and Design of the Exhibition in collaboration with Biblioteca Beato Pellegrino 



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Illustration © Pia Valentinis. B. Masini, P. Valentinis, Quello che ci muove. Una storia di Pina Bausch, rueBallu, 2017