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  /  International Conferences and Lectures   /  Fostering Dialogue 2022

Fostering Dialogue 2022

2nd International Conference “Teaching Children’s Literature at University”

17-19 November 2022

Online Conference

The 2nd  International Online Conference Fostering Dialogue: Teaching Children’s Literature and Culture at University is aimed at reopening the international forum for perspectives on teaching children’s literature at universities, which was established at the 1st Fostering Dialogue conference, organized in 2020 by the University of Padova in collaboration with the University of Waikato and the University of Arizona.

Now we hope to expand the conversation about teaching literary texts for young readers by inviting you to share approaches and practices aimed at teaching children’s culture. We suggest that children’s culture should be understood both as cultural materials created by adults for child audiences and as children’s (co-)creation and appropriation of cultural texts. It also includes diverse institutions regulating and facilitating cultural production. We think that such an inclusive focus reflects the intensifying interdisciplinarity of children’s literature scholarship we are witnessing nowadays.


Illustration © Mari Konstad Johnsen